Set-up References

February 6, 2018

Aaron Sherwood's Firewall was the first project I came across to incorporate a flexible fabric touch screen. In fact, it was the original source of inspiration for my project.

I wanted to look for more references to understand how other people have used this type of interface. However, multiple Google and Pinterest hunts later, my search fell short.


This wasn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I felt relieved because it meant that the set-up was slightly unique and I didn't need to subject myself to any self-induced pressure trying to come up with a more original set-up. Hurray.


However, several days later, I discovered Everyware, a Korean media art group, that made not only one but two works with a flexible fabric screen: Cloud Pink and Soak. Their works differed from Sherwood's in that they were presented horizontally and had a greater sense of elegance to them. 


Weeks later, I found even more projects:


Accompanying Links


"Flexice" by Simon Mayer


"Tweelo" by Michaelee Hanson


"Ripple" by Anastasiya Klyuyeva


"Digital Fabric" by Craig Pickard




At this point, I think it was silly of me to worry too much about the fact that other projects have incorporate that one physical aspect in their work as well. Instead, I need to focus on committing to the project and finding a unique spin to my work in order to separate it from the others.


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