Project Set-up: How it will Work

January 27, 2018


Diagram of my set-up plan.


Set-up Overview


With the conceptual explanations out of the way, let's get into how I plan to set up my project. 


Sticking to the religious motif, I designed a slanted table-like structure to loosely resemble a church podium. A thin and flexible white cloth will be stretched over the opening at the top. 


Below, a projector will be positioned upright to project the visuals underneath the stretched cloth. A depth-sensor camera will be placed perpendicularly to the cloth to capture information whenever anyone touches the screen. The user's interaction with the cloth will trigger the Processing visuals and sound (TBD) based on the user's touch.


The Spandex Screen

The reason I wanted to use a flexible screen is to add some sensory feedback to the user. I wanted to simulate the sensation of pushing through a dimensional membrane while being unable to completely penetrate the barrier.






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