Exhibition Set-up 1.0 (Prototype)

March 6, 2018

Designing an interesting yet thematically appropriate set-up was a challenging process that took up the majority of this project's development. As I was going through initial iterations of my set-up plans, I felt reluctant to move on as I wasn't satisfied with the outcome. This is especially because the proceeding steps depended on the set-up having at least some coherency.


And while that was a difficult hurdle to jump over, I think I came up with a good enough solution for now.


I didn't feel happy with the angled-screen approach to my original design. I have a hard time pinning down the exact reasons (I might add an edit to this post below when I do), but I was worried it would be difficult for some people to interact with.


Set Up Prototype 1.0

The newer design is significantly narrower and taller. It's loosely based on stained glass windows found in churches (the basic shape at least.)



I'm building a prototype with PVC pipes because they're relatively easier to cut, put together, and take apart. So, what I need to do is pick up PVC pipes, the proper fittings, and a sheet of white spandex to fit over the frame. 


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