Developing the Sound Design

April 28, 2018

For the audio portion, I wanted to build a custom set of vocals that replicated an echoey chamber or cathedral. This way I could easily rearrange the notes into the chords I wanted and have them readily available.


Overview of Audio Component

  1. The user touches the screen

  2. A choir sings a chord, it's intensity mapped to how far the screen is pushed

  3. The more intense, the more notes of the chord are sung

  4. Different points of the screen trigger different chords


Recording/Mixing Process


Sound Design for Final Year Project (Part 1)


I recorded six layers of vocals for each note ranging from C1 to C3. I picked the best ones and mixed them. Above is a video briefly documenting the sound mixing portion of the project. Below is a video documentation how the sound developed.


 The video has been updated based on changes to the code/audio


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