Exhibition Set-up 3.0

March 27, 2018

Set-up Overview


This is a more finalised design that I can present during the GT Exhibition period. 


The dimensions found in the diagram are a result of the experiments I did with my prototype. They're still subject to change in case the exhibition organisers need me to adjust how much space the work will take up. 

How it Works (Additions)


This iteration of the set-up is generally the same except for the fact now that everything is doubled. The diagram explains it best. 


I'm still trying to see if it's possible to do this set-up. If I'm unable to do so, I will stick to a single-frame version.


The Material


I'm still unsure of whether I want to use metal or wooden frames, but the structure of the frame is made up of wood in the diagram—hence the metallic connectors.


The build is structured in segments so that it's easier to take down and keep for storage. I didn't add it in the diagram, but each section is 60cm in length.


I may need to find thinner cloth sell the illusion that the visuals are floating in air. But the white cloth I used is still good enough for now. 




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