Project Conception

September 24, 2017


Gods and deities transform through time. We sculpt brass idols, form grand monuments, and build churches and temples to worship our Gods within in them. 


I want to create a “religious” monument loosely based on the stories, principles, and beliefs of the Christian religion. With it, I will explore the process of one who discovers religion and finds God, but eventually rejects God and renounces their faith. Once there was enlightenment and meaning only to be replaced by bitterness and betrayal. Spectators will stand in the place of a person who experiences these conflicting thoughts and emotions. 


Through a blend of audio-visual media, spectators will undergo each stage of belief/disbelief, guided by my monument. I plan to use a combination of Processing (and/or After Effects) to create the visuals, Arduino to provide a physical interface for spectators to interact with, and Logic Pro to compose the audio. All of these elements will come together to form my interactive audio/visual installation.

Project Mind Map 


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