Interactive Procedural Animation



Microplastics found in the environment were photographed with a microscope. Examples of plastics merging with natural elements were selected and provided the basis for a procedural animation.


History and culture in the Arnavons are not written down. It is passed on from generation to generation through song, “kastom” dance and stories. Nature is their medium.


But microplastics have infected the ecosystem in the Solomon Islands at a sinister and hidden level. Cities and their inhabitants are responsible for spreading this infection to remote ecosystems. Nature is fighting the onslaught and odd hybrids of plastic and organic are starting to appear at the microscopic level. This battle for the health of the ecosystem correlated with how a virus spreads and destroys its host. In this artwork, I wanted to show that this spread of plastic will also erase the culture and history of the site. Plastic is a virus and our survival depends on a cure.


This work was commissioned for the program Extreme Environments: The Coral Triangle

Features and Exhibitions

March 2018

City University of Hong Kong's Employer's Luncheon

October to November 2017

Transient Inflections: A selection of works from the SCM Creative Media Show 2017

May to June 2017

Hong Kong Maritime Museum (Touring Exhibition)

April 2017

Extreme Environments: The Coral Triangle

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